Benefits for HR

Conversational AI makes employee requests more efficient,
speeds up onboarding and helps you meet applicant expectations.

Benefits for Human Resources


Improve recruiting practices

Recruiting the best talent into the right job is key to the long-term success of any company, but attrition during the application process is all too common. Cognigy.AI streamlines the application process, getting prospects quick access to the information they need while also automating the pre-screening process. Take the administrative pressure off your recruiters and provide a more responsive experience for employment candidates. Cognigy.AI can do both.

Deliver a quality onboarding experience efficiently for new hires

Companies with a solid onboarding program achieve a 50% higher employee retention and productivity rate. First impressions are indeed important. Convert dry onboarding checklists and processes into friendly and helpful step-by-step engagements that welcome your new employee even before day one. With Cognigy.AI, you can easily build conversational flows for all aspects of the onboarding process – from the pre-employment paperwork to day one orientation and on to accelerating steep learning curves. Reduce costs and accelerate processes all while delivering a warm, personalized welcome into your company.


Take employee engagement to new heights

An engaged employee-base can increase loyalty and productivity by up to 200%. The highest performing engagement practices are frequent, consistent, interactive, multi-channel, and fully inclusive. That’s Cognigy.AI’s specialty. Let us help you automate all those repeatable conversations that can pave your employees’ path to loyalty. Improve service to offer instant 24×7 access to information on: compensation, HR policies, performance management, wellness, recognition, development, training and any other operational area.

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